iReach Clients in the News

iReach Clients in the News

iReach Insights regularly produce client reports which are featured in leading nationwide media sources, both traditional and online. We bring you a selection of these for reference and information.

6.11.2017 Could you go cash-free? 8 ways online shopping has changed how we live–>

26.10.2017 Half Of Irish People Will Take Part In Halloween Celebrations–>

20.10.2017 Hurricane Ophelia caused damage to one third of Irish homes, survey reveals–>

19.10.2017 Research Shows Most Irish Consumers Not In Favour Of Alcohol Bill–>

16.10.2017 Most Irish consumers not in favour of alcohol bill–>

16.10.2017 Diesel is dead: Why the car industry is at a turning point–>

10.10.2017 “Time to talk” World Mental Health Day–>

20.09.2017 9 out of 10 Irish adults own a smartphone with email, social media and news top three uses–>

18.09.2017 27% of Irish adults have had a romantic relationship with a colleague–>

05.09.2017 More than half (53%) of Irish adults use public transport–>

10.08.2017 Laoise Foley from iReach speaks about the connection between Irish People’s Mood and the Weather–>

02.08.2017 IFPA / Durex T.V. Advertisement–>

27.07.2017 77% of Irish like Taoiseach’s views on full employment–>

25.07.2017 Ireland’s miserable weather is making us feel down–>

25.07.2017 Seven out of 10 Irish people believe the weather affects their mood–>

25.07.2017 Back-to-school costs so high children will miss out on basics–>

25.07.2017 Money and family are people’s main concerns–>

10.07.2017 Parents building up debt to send children to school, survey finds–>

10.07.2017 Survey finds parents concerned over back-to-school costs–>

30.06.2017 One-third support licence fee for those who watch television on a tablet, laptop or PC–>

29.06.2017 More than 20% of young people don’t have TV licence – and here’s why–>

27.06.2017 Online shopping among Irish adults still an exploding scene–>

27.06.2017 81% of adults in Ireland shop online–>

22.06.2017 One in three adults has illegally downloaded material from the internet–>

22.06.2017 AdLib: Sociable work a big plus for staff–>

22.06.2017 EU data regulation ‘an opportunity’–>

20.06.2017 Four out of five Irish people want easier access to innovative surgical treatments–>

20.06.2017 22% of Irish adults download music illegally–>

20.06.2017 One in three have downloaded something illegally from internet:report–>

15.06.2017 New research reveals gap in data protection awareness among consumers in Ireland–>

15.06.2017 15,000 set to attend CoderDojo Coolest Project Event–>

14.06.2017 One in five Irish workers have changed their job in the past year–>

12.06.2017 Five moments you won’t want to miss at Data Summit 2017–>

12.06.2017 Irish businesses in the dark as EU tightens data protection rules–>

12.06.2017 New research shows increasing importance of data to business development and lack of awareness of new responsibilities–>

12.06.2017 Warning issued on upcoming general data protection regulation–>

12.06.2017 Irish job attitudes survey says two-thirds of adults happy in their jobs–>

12.06.2017 63% of Irish workers think they deserve a pay rise–>

01.06.2017 One quarter of adults in Ireland living in unsuitable homes–>

01.06.2017 AdLib: It’s touch and go for Generation Z–>

23.05.2017 One in two adults in Ireland read newspapers–>

18.05.2017 Playing fair with interns–>

12.05.2017 Revealed: Ireland’s favourite holiday destination abroad… and at home–>

11.05.2017 Spain most popular destination for Irish tourists, says survey–>

11.05.2017 Spain is the most popular holiday destination for Irish adults–>

11.05.2017 Spain most popular destination for Irish tourists, says survey–>

29.04.2017 Over half of people consider terrorism a threat in Ireland, says survey–>

26.04.2017 Half of workers have no access to pension–>

25.04.2017 52% of women continue to work during maternity leave–>

25.04.2017 Why half of Irish mothers work during maternity leave–>

11.04.2017 What annoys Irish people the most?–>

04.04.2017 These are the biggest causes of ‘headaches’ in Ireland–>

04.04.2017 These are the most common causes of headaches in Ireland–>

03.04.2017 Revealed: New research shows Irish families struggle to spend time together–>

16.03.2017 47% of Irish adults will drink alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day–>

14.03.2017 Survey reveals 57% of adults think far too much alcohol is consumed on St Patrick’s Day–>

14.03.2017 Survey reveals 57% of adults think far too much alcohol is consumed on St Patrick’s Day–>

27.02.2017 81% of Irish believe job automation will contribute to unemployment–>

18.02.2017 Almost half of racism victims are children–>

14.02.2017 Most Irish people are not big fans of Valentine’s Day, survey finds–>

14.02.2017 73% of Irish people are not fans of Valentine’s day–>

14.02.2017 We’ve got relics of St Valentine, but not all of us feel the love today–>

13.02.2017 Poll suggests people in Ireland would support Trump’s immigration bans–>

09.02.2017 Survey – Almost 50% of Irish adults want restrains on immigration–>

09.02.2017 Nearly half of Irish adults think immigration to Ireland is a big problem–>

19.01.2017 Irish companies to increase marketing spending during challenging 2017–>

19.01.2017 Irish companies plan to spend more on marketing in 2017–>

13.01.2017 MediaCom to share 2017 sentiments–>

13.01.2017 Over half of Irish people feel deflated returning to work after Christmas–>

13.01.2017 More than half of workforce feel deflated in January–>

12.01.2017 52% of Irish people feel deflated returning to work in January–>

12.01.2017 More than half of workforce feel deflated in January–>

10.01.2017 Almost one in three Irish parents would like a ‘big family–>

10.01.2017 Almost one in three Irish parents would like a ‘big family’–>

24.12.2016 Taoiseach defends Government record on combating homelessness–>

20.12.2016 Take the Christmas holiday poll–>

15.12.2016 Survey finds Irish people believe a dog ‘makes a house a home’–>

10.12.2016 New campaign tries to get kids reading for Christmas–>

05.12.2016 68% of Irish people admit owning a dog makes a potential date far more attractive–>

02.12.2016 Survey finds Irish people love their dogs more than their children–>

26.11.2016 Black Friday kicks off Christmas rush–>

26.11.2016 Thousands of shoppers flock to city after Black Friday kicks off a weekend of bargain hunting–>

25.11.2016 Survey: Almost half of Irish consumers plan to ignore Black Friday sales–>

16.11.2016 One in four plan to cross border to shop this Christmas–>

15.11.2016 Shops struggle as thousands cross Border for presents–>

08.11.2016 Just 7 percent of Irish want Donald Trump as POTUS–>

07.11.2016 Twitter becoming an integral part of people’s Christmas shopping–>

07.11.2016 7% of the Irish public want Trump in the White House–>

07.11.2016 Nearly 70% of Irish people want Hillary Clinton to be the next US president–>

03.11.2016 AdLib: Brands switching from social media to traditional press titles, says PR chief–>

03.11.2016 Women buy into Black Friday hunt for bargains–>

01.11.2016 Majority of Irish people think Christmas begins in the shops before Halloween has even finished–>

01.11.2016 95% of Irish people believe Christmas starts before Halloween ends–>

22.10.2016 Cohabiting couples in Laois who are not married deserve equal tax treatment

21.10.2016 Should Offaly’s unmarried cohabiting couples be treated differently?

13.10.2016 Digital detox is hard to do for most Irish people, research finds

11.10.2016 Forties seen as decade of most happiness

11.10.2016 Pensions: a young person’s game

13.09.2016 Palliative Care is Still Largely Misunderstood by the Public


29.08.2016 Your ‘digital Credit Union’: How young people are being offered loans through Facebook

18.08.2016 Parents fork out 400 euro a month to put child through college

17.08.2016 Two-thirds worried about Brexit impact – but we’re still spending

22.07.2016 Back-to-school costs hit the headlines

13.07.2016 Back-to-school costs: Credit Union

13.07.2016 One-third of parents get into debt over back-to-school costs

13.07.2016 Parents debt over back to school cost

13.07.2016  Education costs causing financial distress for parents

23.06.2016 What Irish people think about Brexit

17.06.2016 How women are driving the taxi industry

16.06.2016 1/3 adults ready to dump their Tv licence for the internet

16.06.2016 36% of adults would ditch tv licence

16.06.2016  One third of Irish people pro internet

16.06.2016  Majority fail to start pension early

02/06.2016  Clare women hold the purse strings

27.05.2016 Irish people concerned about gangland violence

27.05.2016 Dublin wants to learn from Limerick how to tackle gangland violence

14.05.2016 Luas dispute: More People are Blaming SIPTU

13.05.2016 Commuter starting to blame SIPTU

13.05.2016 Luas drivers finish eleventh day of strike

11.05.2016 Social media trend: 3/4 of workers use them while at work

10.05.2016 Most Irish people are in flavour of shorter working day

29.04.2016 Terror fear influences the fans’ behaviors on Euro 2016

18.04.2016 Half of Irish men do cry in last 12 months

13.04.2016 1/3 18-34 years old Irish want stricter rent controls

12.04.2016 Irish finance confidence drops

06.04.2016 Irish and their pension saving

22.03.2016  First time buyers are being pushed out of the market due to the lending restrictions

21.03.2016 New housing solution from public

07.03.2016 Bank’s Mortgage Rules

03.03.2016Irish worries about country’s infrastructures

05.02.2016Disabled want election gains

01.02.2016 Irish people and their mum

14.01.2016 Standard’s Life Financial Confidence Index 

31.12.2015 IAPF retirement plan in Ireland 

07.10.2015 Rugby world cup 2015

01.10.2015 “Back to school” month 

31.08.2015 One in four 25-40 year olds plan to move house in the next year

30.08.2015 Pubs a major draw for visitors to these shores

26.08.2015 Over Half of Tourists Visit Ireland For the Pubs

25.08.2015 Majority of Tourists Visit Ireland for our Pubs

24.08.2015 Over Half of Visitors Come to Ireland for the Pubs

24.08.2015 54% of tourists come for the pubs here

23.08.2015 Over half of tourists visit Ireland for our pubs

19.08.2015 GroupM Ireland Announces Partnership with iReach Insights

19.08.2015 Most credit card users don’t know what interest they pay

13.08.2015 Majority of parents forced to borrow for college costs

05.08.2015 51% of Irish currently go without Life assurance

31.07.2015 How much do Irish parents pay for kids in college?

22.07.2015 A Grocery Shopper Special

10.07.2015 Four out of five parents say back to school costs are a financial burden

08.07.2015 Third of families borrow for ‘back to school’ costs

08.07.2015 Back to School Costs For Irish Families 2015

08.07.2015 50% Of Irish Employees Have Work Contacts On Personal Social Media

08.07.2015 Adults believe children should be at least 12 to own mobile phone

29.06.2015 Controlling Shoppers’s Impulses Read More


20.06.2015 Reappraising Market Research



04.06.2015 Consumers may be paying more in confusion over jargon

04.06.2015 A third of consumers say they are daunted by financial jargon

28.05.2015 Investors confused over performance of assets

23.05.2015 Retirement: don’t let your present self screw your future self!

23.05.2015 Paying For Retirement: Something Our Future Self Can Worry About?



14.05.2015  Eye-tracking technology maps shopping habits

14.05.2015 Convenience Shoppers Influenced by Advertising

14.05.2015 Deposit rate cuts mean just a third think now is a good time to save

14.05.2015Pressure on Burton over support for pension plan

13.05.2015 Women Most Likely to Buy on Impulse Read More 

12.05.2015 Sixty One Percent of Shoppers Purchase on Impulse Read More 

12.05.2015 Deposit rate cuts mean just a third think now is a good time to save

12.05.2015 80% of Irish adults under 35 unaware of State Pension amount 

11.05.2015 Eighty per cent of adults under 35 do not know the level of the State Pension

07.05.2015 Money more worrying than health for ‘negative equity’ generation

16.04.2015  32% of Irish SMEs already using Cloud Technology and a further 39% have plans to move

16.04.2015Childcare costs forcing mothers out of workforce


16.03.2015  Guinness Burgers are Go

25.03.2015  Radio most trusted source of news.

25.03.2015 55% Of Irish People Won’t Pay For Online News.


11.03.2015 Hunger for heritage at Guinness Storehouse

06.03.2015  Trusting News Channels

22.02.2015  CUs launch ‘Clued-In’ – A financial education tool for secondary schools

11.02.2015  Understanding the Irish consumer

14.01.2015  Healthy Choices

08.12.2014  Irish consumers to spend €600 on average on Christmas

 08.12.2014 Credit union survey finds half of people will borrow for Christmas

01.12.2014  One in four tenants fear losing homes from rent increases

01.12.2014 25% of people fear losing their accommodation and 90% feel new mortgage guidelines will hamper longer term prospects

01.12.2014First Housing Sentiment Survey reveals many people afraid of losing home

01.12.2014Tenants In Fear Of Losing Their Homes – NABCO

01.12.2014 How to market to women

01.12.2014Ads Not Clicking With Alienated Women

01.12.2014  Dublin tenants most fearful of losing rental accommodation

01.12.2014  Survey finds 25% of private tenants fear losing homes

11.11.2014More than half the country watches Love/Hate

11.11.2014King Nidge is dead but ‘Love/Hate’ may live on

10.11.2014  Love/Hate: Fans demand RTE make another season after Sunday night’s explosive final episode


10.11.2014  Over 80 per cent want another series of Love/Hate

21.10.2014 [Video] Key Findings for Ireland on Parental Attitudes to Children Online

08.10.2014  Nearly 6 in 10 Irish adults would prefer a conservative budget 

18.08.2014Different channels for funding those college years


13.08.2014Two in five families use loans, credit cards to pay for college

13.08.2014COLLEGE COSTS – Parents struggle with rising charges

03.12.2013  “Cyber Monday” sees surge in online sales.

21.11.2013  May edition of Engage

14.11.2013  The workplace culture that is holding women back

11.11.2013  Irish Businesses optimistic ahead of national enterprise week-survey

24.10.2013  50% using savings to survive

10.10.2013  Why most SMEs don’t see opportunities to make a profit in online trading

01.10.2013 Friends First Win Technology and Innovation Award

24.09.2013  Some 1.8m have less than €100 left after bills paid

18.09.2013 Four in 10 pay for holiday with loans or cards

11.09.2013 Back to School Research

04.09.2013 Masterchef is Ireland’s favourite international reality TV show – UPC

30.08.2013 Technology | Irish people watching more TV and being energy efficient

27.08.2013 63pc of TV in Ireland viewed in real-time; 4 in 10 interacting with social media while watching

20.08.2013 Teens get €30 pocket money – and use it to shop online

19.08.2013 Control Your Money financial literacy website launched

13.08.2013 Soaring college bills set to hit €1,000 a month

09.08.2013 New research reveals Irish men’s top three dream jobs

09.08.2013 A Festival for all seasons

01.08.2013 Ex-Munster star Barry is enjoying his new gig

12.07.2013 A Grocery Shopper Special

17.06.2013 Schools Out For Summer

15.06.2013 Schooltime holidays soar

12.06.2013 Social Media Survey

07.06.2013 Social Media Usage in Ireland Survey

31.05.2013 Income levels stabilising for first time since 2011

31.05.2013 What’s left after you’ve paid all essential bills?

31.05.2013 Income levels showing signs of stabilisation for the first time in two years

31.05.2013 Relief for families as incomes stop sliding

30.05.2013 ILCU Launch First ‘What’s Left’ Tracker of 2013

18.05.2013 Rise in dads staying home with children

13.05.2013 In-Home Decision Making Survey

10.05.2013 Social Media Influences Female Purchasing Decisions

10.05.2013 Social Media and the Consumer

09.05.2013 Women heavily Influenced by Social Media Survey

22.04.2013 The Diet Industry Survey

13.04.2013 There’s no place like home Survey

11.04.2013 Weight-loss ads ‘fake’

10.04.2013 Irish Women and Diet Food Ads Survey

10.04.2013 Attitudes of Irish Women Survey

26.03.2013 Organisational Culture remains a barrier to Flexible Working

26.03.2013 Irish Firms dismiss Flexible Work practices for employees

26.03.2013 Bosses’ Loss of Control fears prevent uptake of Flexible Working

05.03.2013 Women in the Workplace Survey

04.03.2013 Gender Discrimination in the Workplace Survey

01.03.2013 Online Shopping Survey

13.02.2013 Devices Survey

08.02.2013 Device Ownership Survey

17.01.2013 1.6 million of us have just €50 left at end of the month

21.12.2012 More people use online to find jobs

21.11.2012  Danske Bank Launches Ireland’s first iPad Banking app

19.11.2012  Danske Bank Group completes rebrand of Republic of Ireland operations

22.10.2012 Month-to-month survival for householders as costs soar

21.10.2012 Budget cuts will force us to pay another €800 a year for pensions

30.8.2012 Irish Consumers Carry €78.2 Million In Cash Everyday

09.07.2012  Consumer finances continue to worsen

27.06.2012  Urban dwellers not willing to pay more for local products

26.04.2012   .ie domain could be sold for internet ‘good causes’

09.01.2012 Another price hike will see 700,000 ditch health cover

07.07.2011  Up to 47% of adults have less than €100 a month after bills

18.06.2011  585,000 see no future in this country

15.06.2011  Back to school costs €400 per child

15.06.2011  Parents hit by €400 bill for back to school costs

15.06.2011  High cost of returning to school

16.05.2011   Irish consumers spent nearly €3bn online in 2010 – Visa

16.05.2011   Irish shoppers spend €3bn online

06.05.2011   Multitask viewing – the new age of television

05.05.2011   Irish holidaymakers shell out €28m in excess baggage fees

05.05.2011   Children still cashing in on Communion despite slump

28.04.2011   Adikat launchess mobile marketing survey software

16.04.2011    90% of children using recession vocabulary” by RTE News

16.04.2011    One in five left with only €70 after bills paid, survey reveals

15.04.2011    Morning Ireland: 13% of Irish adults struggle to make ends meet

15.04.2011   ILCU Launch ‘What’s Left’ Disposable Income Tracker Index

15.04.2011    250,000 ‘broke’ after paying mortgage and utility bills


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