Project Background

eBookers are an international travel website used by multiple countries across a few different brands. eBookers wanted to evaluate their customer segmentation in order to focus on the most important target markets across the following countries: Sweden, UK, Finland, France, Switzerland (French speaking and German speaking) and Germany. eBookers’ research objective was to define the key customers segments for eBookers in each market and then delve into the travel needs and habits of regular – and irregular eBookers customers.


iReach Insights decided on a hybrid approach of Quantitative and Qualitative research methods for this project. iReach Insights conducted two separate phases working alongside eBookers to plan the best Quantitative survey and Qualitative discussion guide. The first phase was the Quantitative phase where iReach Insights conducted a survey across all markets in order to accurately define the best customers segments for eBookers. From this, iReach Word Wide defined five key customer segments and for the Qualitative method of telephone in-depth interviews across all regions to dig deep into eBooker’s customer’s needs. For these telephone in-depth interviews, iReach Insights used webcams and recording technology to capture participant’s responses across all regions.


This allowed iReach Insights to engage effectively during interviews in a conversational manner and allowed eBookers to see, hear and feel their customer’s opinion as iReach Insights incorporated these videos in the overall report. iReach Insights then compiled a comprehensive report joining both phases of the research to give eBookers a full picture of their customers and potential customers. iReach Insights worked with eBookers over the course of this large research project and afterwards in order to create an effective marketing plan for eBooker’s future.