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Client in the news

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6.8.2023 – – People are eating out less and opting for cheaper meat cuts when food shopping.

30.7.2023 – – Prioritising digital skills is essential for Irish SMEs to grow.

24.7.2023 – Irish Times – Users of financial advisers have 60% more savings, survey finds.

24.7.2023 – – One in 10 say they have a secret bank account the other half does not know about.

11.7.2023 – – Over half of us can’t afford the likes of health insurance and pensions.

5.7.2023 – – More parents feeling back-to-school financial pinch, although costs down slightly.

27.6.2023 – Irish Times – Majority of Irish businesses lack sufficient awareness of cyber security measures.

19.6.2023 – – Cost of holidaying at home seen as ‘extortionate’.

16.5.2023 – – Most people aim to retire by 60 but are unlikely to have the finances in place.

11.5.2023 – – Cost crisis prompts people to put off getting married and others to delay retiring.

16.4.2023 – – Aviva pays out record €119m, with €48m of that for income protection customers.

11.4.2023 – The Irish Times – Warning: many homes may be underinsured amid spiralling building costs.

11.4.2023 – – Almost one in five households under insured when they make claim, as costs rise.

27.3.2023 – – Most workers reject working longer for bigger State pension.

7.3.2023 – – Most think women must over-perform to get the same recognition as men in the workplace.

6.3.2023 – – One in five say they know someone driving without insurance cover.

16.2.2023 – The Irish Times – ‘Nuisance’ e-scooter riders rate highly in public’s view of dangerous driving.

3.2.2023 – RTE News – 73% of employees would continue to work through illness.

18.1.2023 – – Hidden credit card charges: New survey shows how customers are unaware of level interest they pay on them.

18.1.2023 – RTE News – 66% of credit card users unaware of interest rates – survey.

16.1.2023 – – The cost-of-living domino effect: Many will seek extra work, ditch gym subscriptions and cut pension savings.

20.12.2022 – The Irish Times – Two-thirds of savers prefer government-backed bonds to riskier investments.

16.11.2022 – RTE News – 61% of working adults have a rainy-day savings fund. 15.06.2011 Independent – Back to school costs €400 per child

15.06.2011 Independent – High cost of returning to school

16.05.2011 Business and Leadership – Irish consumers spent nearly €3bn online in 2010 – Visa

16.05.2011 Irish Times – Irish shoppers spend €3bn online

15.04.2011 Independent – 250,000 ‘broke’ after paying mortgage and utility bills

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