Lidl Eye tracking

Project Background

iReach Insights was commissioned by Lidl to provide them with customers’ initial reactions and impressions of their recent store re-design. Lidl sought to understand the extent to which customer noticed used and appreciated the new signage. They also wanted insight into the way the new design impacted upon customers shopping experiences, shopping behaviour and overall perception of the Lidl brand.


In order to provide these insights iReach Insights gathered both survey data and eye tracking data. 30 participants were recruited at the store entrance and requested to wear eye tracking glasses to record their eye movements and shopping journey through the store. Survey data was gathered on the participant’s demographics, shopping habits, favourite products and opinions about the redesign.


The eye tracking data provided valuable insights on which signage was acknowledged and which was not, which products drew the most attention, where ‘hot products’ were located on the shelf, which areas of the store were most frequented and the areas in which customers spent the longest time. The survey data served to complement and add depth to the eye tracking data, allowing customers to share their views and opinions and providing an opportunity to make suggestions for improvement.

These insights provided Lidl with important feedback which may be used to make informed store layout and design decisions in the future. It also provides a greater understanding of the extent to which the aesthetics changes can / have influenced brand image and customer loyalty.