Exterion Media Ad effectiveness

Project Background

A Quantitative study commissioned by Exterion Media aimed at analysing their advertising venues in two shopping centres in Dublin. The two centres: The Square, Tallaght and Dundrum Town Centre had differing demographics which added an additional element to the research. This study took place in October 2011 when Exterion Media contacted iReach looking to gain insight into the effectiveness of two of these advertising spots. The clients in this case, wanted accurate and timely data which they could use to inform advertisers of media impact.


The aim of this project was to measure the effectiveness of advertising across a number of forms in the two shopping locations; Dundrum and Tallaght. In order to address the research aims, iReach devised a survey using our advanced survey software tools. The core topics included in this survey were ad awareness and effectiveness.


iReach Insights deployed fieldworkers using iPads to the two shopping centres to collate the data from shoppers. This method allowed for more accurate and time-efficient data collection. As a result, we were able to turn the project over quickly, meeting the tight deadlines. iReach Insights interpreted and analysed the collected data which formed the basis of media strategy for their digital OOH strategy.