Football Association of Ireland

Project Background

With the redevelopment of the Lansdowne Road Stadium (Now Aviva Stadium), the Football Association of Ireland wanted to understand the needs and requirements of corporate event sponsors in providing tailored Sponsorship packages to Irish Football supporters. iReach Insights undertook this project to investigate the interest in purchasing executive seating at the newly developed Lansdowne Road Stadium.


A mix of Online and CAPI based face to face interviews across 200 corporate sponsors to measure the wide range or mix of individual company requirements from seating location and entertainment options to cost variables for Corporate Packages. This research study required iReach Insights analyst to conduct an online survey of 150 Business Executives that are responsible for Corporate Entrainment budgets as well as 50 face-to-face interviews with various organisations in Leinster utilising a complex conjoint questionnaire for granular analysis of the various pricing schemes proposed. iReach Insights implemented CAPI to ensure the face to face interviewees were prompted with the same stimuli as the online survey respondents.


The aim of the survey was to ascertain which types of corporate packages (based on 36 sets of multiple choice questions) were the most popular and how much were people willing to pay for a wide range of seating and hospitality options at the new Lansdowne Road Stadium.