Project Background

In a competitive third level sector an institute’s website and their digital and content marketing strategy have become crucial weapons in the marketing arsenal. The challenge this raises is measuring the effectiveness and impact of these assets and campaigns. Site Intercept provides solutions to all these issues by capturing targeted feedback in real-time from prospects as they engage with these campaigns as well as the website to increase engagement and recruitment.


Mindshare, iReach’s media partner, were seeking to A/B Test campaigns developed for Irish Chilli Sauce brand “Mic’s Chilli”. iReach selected Joe.ie as a host site that would provide responses from the targeted market for the product.

What Site Intercept Offers:

  • Page Level Engagement – What is lacking on page and inhibiting engagement
  • Ad and Content Testing in real-time – Capture feedback on digital marketing campaigns to encourage engagement and maximise impact
  • Site Exit Engagement – Surveys can be triggered when a visitor’s behaviour suggests they are likely to abandon your site/page
  • Post-Transaction Engagement – Within the survey flow you can make specific offers to encourage reviews and feedback
  • Profile-Building Engagement – Fulfil the needs of each visitor segments by understanding their preferences
  • Site Intercept has been shown to increase website conversions by 30+% and NPS by 10 points


By developing targeted intercepts that surveyed those who engaged with the content, iReach were able to identify which ad was most popular and more importantly, what impact each had on brand affinity and purchase intent, which led to a much more informed decision than views/impressions alone.