Friends First Customer Satisfaction

Project Background

Friends First wanted to evaluate the customer satisfaction of their claimants. Customer satisfaction is very important to Friends First as their customers are the most important part of their business and they need to monitor and continuously improve their customer service. The key elements Friends First wanted to research were the effectiveness of the claims process, claimant’s services and resources and attitudes towards the insurance market. Friends First wanted iReach Insights to speak directly to their claimants to see how they have experienced the Friends First claims process. This would lead to an independent and confidential survey.


iReach Insights decided to use a Qualitative approach for this research project. iReach Insights conducted 215 in-depth telephone interviews with Friends First claimants using an in-depth survey designed by iReach Insights. The aim of these calls was to get wide-ranging feedback from the claimants of Friends First on how they found the claims process with a particular emphasis on customer service.


iReach Insights needed to use very capable researchers to get the most from the in-depths telephone calls, remembering to be sensitive to the claimant’s feelings, but still obtaining important insights for Friends First. The 215 calls allowed iReach Insights to develop an all-inclusive report for Friends First which gets to the heart of claimant’s experience with the Friends First’s claims process and the insurance market in general. The insights have helped Friends First to shape their customer service strategy and continue to satisfy their claimants in the future.