Permanent TSB Mixed Method

Project Background

iReach Insights was commissioned by PTSB to gather information from customers and non-customers about the potential demand for biometric security options in mobile banking. PTSB wanted to understand customer’s attitudes, perceptions and experiences of different aspects of current online and mobile banking services. PTSB were interested in finding out which features and benefits of biometric security were more attractive, how they might communicate with customers about these services and what support would be needed to aid new users in adopting the new technology.


iReach Insights selected a mixed methods approach for this study combining Quantitative data from a large scale online surveys and Qualitative data gathered from six Focus Groups spanning different age groups, PTSB customers and non-customers and users and non-users of mobile banking services. Survey data provided an overview of customer satisfaction, current usage of online and mobile banking across different groups, the extent to which users are familiar with biometric technology and their overall attitude towards adopting it. Focus Groups data provided an in-depth understanding of the kinds of takes users perform online and on mobile and the reasons behind their usage patterns.


iReach Insights was also able to capture initial reactions to a live demo of the technology and gather information of the popularity of different biometric features. Focus Group data also provided important insights on brand perceptions across the banking sector and uncovered potential avenues for the enhancement of brand image.