iReach Practices


iReach support the widest range of research methods to deliver Insights to Impact. iReach follow industry best practices and are Corporate Members of ESOMAR and members of MRS (Market Research Society), AQR (Association of Qualitative Research) and AMA (American Marketing Association).

Insights to Impact

iReach is 100% focused on delivering actionable insights for your business challenges by linking insights directly to your financial performance

Online Methods

iReach is a recognised leader in Hybrid research methods from simple online studies to mixed qual and quant across online, phone and in-person

Digital Effectiveness

iReach has pioneered new methods to measure effectiveness of native advertising and digital campaigns to ensure return on investment is maximised


Running twice each month, iReach delivers cost effecitve insights on Nationally Representative models for Ireland and UK (NI and GB)

Consumer Research

Exceeding over 40,000 members the iReach Consumer Decisions Research Panel in Ireland is the most robust and accurate panel available

Telephone Interviews

iReach has a 24/7 Customer Experience Call Centre for local and international projects and is ideal for Customer Feedback, Cx and Business Research

Data Analytics

iReach is committed to getting more value for clients from all research and market intelligence data sources so new insights can be uncovered and behaviours predicted

Business Research

iReach is unique in building business research panels to hear from business-owners and senior decision-makers in Ireland and International Markets

Focus Groups & Interviews

Using our own panels, iReach run a wide range of in-person and online qualitative studies including Focus Groups, Shops, In-depth and Exit Interviews

Eye Tracking Studies

iReach has run numerous Eye-Tracking studies in Retail Stores, Road Side as well as Ux projects and are now blending Emotion-based techniques for new insights

Website Usability (UX)

iReach has developed a unique ‘mixed labs’ research methodology to engage with Website visitors in new and impactful ways and across all industries

Pricing & Demand Elasticity

Want to improve market share or increase profits? iReach has significant experience in a range of pricing and demand models to achieve financial goals