iReach Solutions


iReach deliver actionable insights through market research, consultancy and intelligence services to help decision makers connect the many pieces of every Marketing, Brand, PR and Product puzzle in Ireland, UK and across European and International markets.

New Product Development

Use any mix of research methods to help shape NPD. Test with our Research Communities to measure shifts in consideration and likelihood to purchase

Research Communities

iReach has the tools and processes to help you build branded communities to engage with ‘all the time’ research anywhere run by experience analysts

Packaging & Promotions

Using a mix of emotions research techniques we can test Packaging and Promotions to see which are most impactful to connect with target consumers

Market Simulation

When building new offers or products features, iReach can simulate the impact on the market sector and amongst existing and planned products

Brand Trackers

From weekly ‘heart beat’ studies to annual trackers, we can measure the impact of campaigns on Brand KPIs and financial performance including sales

Customer Experience (CX)

Track customer experience across any or all touchpoints from simple Advocacy measurement to fully intergrated Voice of the Consumer research


Target your marketing spend to where you will obtain the best impact from your profitable customers and highest consideration prospects

Buyer Personas

Know your prospects and customers; what are their hobbies and interests, lifestyles, education or even holiday plans. Visualise your buyers beyond the numbers

Innovation Workshops

Use dynamic and interactive methods to engage consumers with your brand, product and marketing activities. Idea generation from buyer crowds

Ad & Concept Testing

Hybrid methods give you the depth and breadth to develop and test your concepts in making great ads that engage with consumers to help you sell

Global Studies

Use iReach to run projects across international boundaries, using any method, in any launguage, in any country run by a single English speaking analyst team

Consumer Journeys

Learn how consumers engage with mulitple advertising touchpoints and ‘through the line’ to measure how all your campaigns are impacting on your brand KPIs